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2022 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard

December 6, 2022

The 15th edition of the ACEEE State Energy Efficiency Scorecard provides a progress report on state energy efficiency policies and programs that save energy, advance equity, and produce environmental and economic benefits. We use data vetted by state energy officials to rank states in six policy areas: utility programs, transportation, building energy codes, state initiatives, industrial energy efficiency, and appliance standards. New to the State Scorecard this year is our assessment of industrial energy efficiency policies as well as an expansion of equity-focused scoring metrics across all policy areas to ensure that state leaders are also enacting equitable clean energy policies, processes, and programs. Top finishers in this year’s Scorecard include California, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, and Maine, which was the most-improved state in 2022. The State Scorecard shows that energy efficiency is a key resource in these states and others, with utilities saving 26.6 million MWh of electricity nationwide in 2021.

Research Report

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Subramanian, S., W. Berg, E. Cooper, M. Waite, B. Jennings, A. Hoffmeister, and B. Fadie. 2022. 2022 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. Washington, DC: ACEEE.


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Sagarika Subramanian
Senior Research Analyst, State Policy Program
weston berg
Weston Berg
Senior Researcher, State Policy
Emma Cooper
Emma Cooper, Senior Research Analyst, Human Behavior and State Policy
Michael Waite
Director of Codes and Building Standards
Ben Jennings
Research Assistant, Transportation Program
Andrew Hoffmeister
Senior Research Analyst, Industrial Program
Brian Fadie
State Policy Associate, Appliance Standards Awareness Project

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Ben Somberg
Communications Director
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