November 29, 2022

On January 19 and 20, 2023, over 1,000 participants joined Residential Retrofits for Energy Equity at a virtual summit for local and state government staff and community-based organizations on leveraging federal funding and multi-sector, community-centered approaches to scaling up holistic retrofits in affordable housing. Below are recordings of each session and copies of the slide presentations.

Keynote: Delmar Gillus of Elevate Energy
Vídeo en español
Building Retrofits: Basics and Benefits

Vídeo en español

Building Retrofits: Basics and Benefits slides
Engaging Across Sectors: An Introduction to Community, Affordable Housing, Health, Economic Inclusion, and Other Stakeholders

Vídeo en español

Engaging Across Sectors slides
Meeting this Moment: How community organizations are mobilizing collaborative housing and energy solutions

Vídeo en español

Meeting this Moment slides
Leveraging New and Existing Federal Funding Opportunities for Building Upgrades

Vídeo en español

Leveraging Federal Funding slides
Introduction to Community-Driven Planning

Vídeo en español 

Introduction to Community-Driven Planning slides
Announcement from the US Department of Energy:
Buildings Upgrade Prize

Premio a las Mejoras de los Edificios

Speaker biographies: The summit featured speakers with expertise on affordable housing, workforce development, community leadership, racial equity, energy efficiency, clean energy, and electrification. Full session recordings: Day 1; and Day 2 Please contact with any questions.


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