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February 16, 2023


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Federal Funding FAQs

You ask, we answer! In our Resources section, we address questions R2E2 has received related to new federal funding opportunities to support energy efficiency retrofits of low- and moderate-income housing. These questions are largely focused on programs made available through the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA).  Have questions related to federal funding? Send them to our team via the link below! We’ll be updating this list as we receive new questions.

The Green and Resilient Retrofit Program (GRRP)

Interested in learning more about the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Green and Resilient Retrofit Program (GRRP)? R2E2 has assembled a short resource intended for states, local governments, retrofit program administrators, and community-based organizations (CBOs) looking to support HUD-assisted, affordable multifamily housing owners in pursuing energy efficiency and resiliency upgrades as part of their recapitalization projects. If you have any questions related to this resource, please submit them on the Stay Informed tab. 

GRRP Resource

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