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Electrifying Truck Fleets: Utility Infrastructure Is Crucial

September 21, 2023

As electric grids get cleaner, the use of electric trucks and passenger vehicles becomes a central decarbonization strategy. Many trucks belong to fleets, including fleets of delivery vehicles, buses, garbage trucks, and tractor-trailers. A large barrier to fleet electrification is the need for adequate power on site to charge vehicles. Depending on the number and size of chargers, fleet charging can require several megawatts of power, with loads up to 40 MW (similar to the power needs of many large factories). To supply this power, utilities need to assess customer charging needs and incorporate their findings into the planning of local distribution grids. We analyze this emerging issue and provide case studies of several leading utilities and states that are promoting and preparing for electric fleets, offering useful models for others to follow.

White Paper

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Nadel, S. 2023. Electrifying Truck Fleets: Utility Infrastructure Is Crucial. Washington, DC: ACEEE.


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