Accessing Funding Sources

April 18, 2023

Accessing Funding Sources for Affordable Housing & Commercial Building Retrofits

A common barrier to scaling building retrofits is lack of sufficient funding. This is true of all building types, but most pronounced in affordable housing and underserved commercial buildings. In this webinar, we discuss funding in detail: where it comes from (federal, state, philanthropic, utility, private lending), how it flows down to communities, and how different funding sources can work together to finance affordable housing and underserved commercial building retrofits. Presenters speak to common challenges and barriers, exemplary programs, and specific, timely funding mechanisms to look out for, such as the Inflation Reduction Act and Environmental Justice Community Block Grants.

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Angelina Benson-Glanz, Director of Special Projects, Elevate

In her role at Elevate Energy, Angelina is responsible for leading effort to expand affordable multifamily energy efficiency programs in California and Oregon, supporting program growth in the Midwest (Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin), and expanding their high-performance building services nationally. She oversees business development and multifamily programs in California and Oregon as well as engagements directly with affordable housing developers to integrate energy and water efficiency into new construction, rehabs, and on-going operations. She brings a wide range of experience from her work at the City of Chicago Mayor’s Office where she developed and managed strategic partnerships with utilities and non-profits to coordinate and target outreach, program delivery, and incentives in neighborhoods with high energy use. She also brings her experience in business strategy consulting for Marakon Associates where she conducted in-depth market analysis, developed financial models, and created and implemented sales processes, tools, and reports for Fortune 500 industrial firms.


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