June 3, 2024

R2E2 Playbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Equitable Energy Retrofits in Affordable Housing  

June 26, 2024, 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. ET  

The Residential Retrofits for Energy Equity (R2E2) Playbook is a tool for community-based organizations, state and local governments, and others seeking to establish, improve, or expand energy upgrade programs for low- and moderate-income housing in their communities.   

By highlighting dozens of strategies and examples across the country, the Playbook will help administrators establish programs that are community-led, easy to use, and that achieve benefits like healthier and more affordable housing, reduced energy burdens, new economic opportunities for workers and small business owners, and reduced pollution. This one-hour webinar will feature guest speakers from some of the over 90 programs highlighted in the Playbook.  

R2E2 is a partnership of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), Elevate, Emerald Cities Collaborative, and HR&A Advisors.   

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Annika Brindel , Director, Residential Retrofits for Energy Equity, ACEEE  

Annika Brindel leads ACEEE’s R2E2 initiative, which aims to scale up energy upgrades of both subsidized and unsubsidized affordable housing, leveraging training and technical assistance to drive policy and program innovation, especially in frontline communities.


Ian Becker, Manager, Residential Retrofits for Energy Equity, ACEEE  

Ian Becker serves on the R2E2 team, where he conducts research and manages projects, provides technical assistance related to federal funding opportunities available to states and localities, and otherwise helps local governments and private-sector stakeholders develop programs to improve the energy efficiency of affordable housing.     


Martha Josten, Principal Director, Building Decarbonization, New Ecology  

Marty Josten joined New Ecology in 2008 and now leads the team delivering building decarbonization services to existing portfolios and buildings. The Decarb Team offers strategic planning, all forms of audits, implementation and operational assistance, and participates in capacity building and workforce development work across the country.  


Claire Oleksiak, Executive Director, Sustain Dane

Claire Oleksiak aims to accelerate a sustainable environment and economy that benefits all members of our community. Claire is passionate about innovation, collaboration, and social impact. Sustain Dane's programs focus on ways to learn, connect, and take action for holistic sustainability. Programs include workshops for businesses and individuals, energy efficiency in affordable housing, food waste reduction, and more.


Simon Mugo, Program Manager, NYC Accelerator 

Simon Mugo has worked in a program design and implementation capacity on utility and state funded energy efficiency programs targeting residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in New York City. He has experience in the development and construction of large-scale ground mount and solar PV projects in cities across the United States. 


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