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U.S. and International Experience with Market Transformation

June 14, 2022

Market transformation emerged as a program concept for energy efficiency in the early 1990s. Utilities, regulators, and stakeholders recognized that significant energy efficiency gains could—in some cases—be best achieved by fundamentally changing certain markets for energy-efficient technologies, products, or services. Front-loading washing machines and screw-in LED lightbulbs are excellent examples of successful market transformation. In this paper, we update and expand prior ACEEE research on market transformation and add selected international experiences. We identify and discuss key lessons for successful market transformation and show how it can be applied to a targeted market.

White Paper

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York, D., S. Nadel, and S. Subramanian. 2022. U.S. and International Experience with Market Transformation. Washington, DC: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.…



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