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2023 Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard

August 24, 2023
Energy Efficiency + Power Outages

In this report, the third triennial edition of the Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard, we evaluate the energy efficiency achievements of the 53 largest U.S. electric utilities across 31 different state and regulatory environments. We accomplish this with a scoring system that allocates up to 100 points across 27 dimensions of performance, or action categories, where the number of points associated with each action category is scaled to represent its relative importance in the utility energy efficiency ecosystem. The scores and rankings that utilities earn on this Utility Scorecard reflect the utilities themselves and the legislative and regulatory environments within which they operate. This edition of Utility Scorecard places an increased emphasis on energy equity and introduces six new equity-related action categories designed to capture the impacts of energy efficiency policies and programs on low-income and other customers who have been historically under-resourced. We find that energy efficiency spending and savings among evaluated utilities have decreased by 4.9% and 5.4%, respectively, since the 2020 edition of Utility Scorecard.

Research Report

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Mike Specian
Utilities Manager
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Weston Berg
Senior Researcher, State Policy
Sagarika Subramanian
Senior Research Analyst, State Policy Program
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Manager, State Policy Program
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