Research Report

The 2024 City Clean Energy Scorecard

April 30, 2024

The seventh ACEEE City Clean Energy Scorecard tracks adoption of clean energy plans, policies, and programs in 75 large U.S. cities, scoring these activities and ranking cities based on their scores. It compiles information on local policies and actions to advance energy efficiency—and decarbonization more broadly—across all energy sectors. It also assesses cities’ policy performance and focus on equity and smart growth across these sectors. In this year's results, San Francisco kept its top spot in the rankings. Joining San Francisco at the top are Denver and Seattle as the second- and third-highest ranked cities, respectively. Madison, WI is the top-ranked city in a midsized metropolitan area. New Orleans and Miami are the most improved since the 2021 City Scorecard. Overall, we found that many cities continue to ramp up their clean energy efforts, particularly in the transportation sector. However, cities can improve their scores by advancing racial and social equity in the building sector, adopting more building performance standards, and adopting and tracking progress toward stringent transportation sector goals.

Research Report

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