Climate-Forward Efficiency

February 2, 2022
Climate Forward Efficiency Initiative

ACEEE’s initiative to scale energy efficiency programs and focus them on meeting the climate challenge

Edward Yim, state and utility policy director at ACEEE, led a discussion on the initiative during ACEEE's Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

Utility energy efficiency programs have a proven record of saving energy and money, but here’s an uncomfortable truth: they aren’t yet up to the immense challenge of the climate crisis. Amid a rapid rise in renewable power generation and growing recognition of the importance of ensuring an equitable clean energy transition, it’s time to rethink and restructure these efficiency efforts. Utilities need to scale these programs up and focus them on doing their vital part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

While we’re excited to see a growing number of utilities setting goals of net-zero carbon emissions, there is much work to be done. Meeting these goals will require an industry transformation: updates to legislative and regulatory policies, market preparation to adopt these changes, and development of better utility programs that focus on whole-building decarbonization solutions.  

With our Climate-Forward Efficiency initiative, ACEEE is examining how the utility sector can update energy efficiency program portfolios to better meet climate, affordability, and equity challenges. We’ve published reports exploring the need for a revamped approach to energy efficiency and a roadmap for utilities and regulators looking to reengineer their efficiency programs, pricing, and procurement, and we are providing technical assistance to facilitate the transformation. Sign up for our Climate-Forward Efficiency newsletter for initiative updates and related resources.  

efficiency infographic
Strategies to accelerate climate-forward efficiency


climate forward efficiency webinar - screenshot
Speakers provided perspectives from the legislative, regulatory, and utility sectors during a Climate-Forward Efficiency webinar.



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