Energy Equity for Homeowners: Policy and Program Guide for Local Governments

July 25, 2023

To meet the challenge of the climate crisis, cities need to improve the energy efficiency of all buildings, including small buildings like single-family homes and owner-occupied buildings with just a few housing units. Cities must also take ambitious action to advance a clean energy future in a way that reaches all residents, particularly those living in communities that have been chronically underserved, underinvested, and under-resourced. This guide discusses policy and program strategies that cities can pursue to achieve these goals. Drawing from the experience of local governments, the guide shares lessons and best practices that can support successful and equitable outcomes.

ACEEE would like to thank the members of the Energy Equity for Homeowners city cohort for generously sharing their time and expertise


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Ayala, R., and A. Dewey. 2023. Energy Equity for Homeowners: Policy and Program Guide for Local Governments. Washington, DC: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.



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Roxana Ayala
Senior Research Analyst, Local Policy
Amanda Dewey
Research Manager, Local Policy
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