Research Report

Improving Travel Efficiency at the Local Level

November 15, 2012
Energy Efficiency Research

A comprehensive approach to transportation energy efficiency at the federal, state, and local level must include a combination of strategies targeted at both vehicle fuel efficiency and travel behavior. While the federal government, together with certain states, has taken the lead on vehicle efficiency policies, local and regional policies that expand alternatives to driving are also essential to achieving an efficient and sustainable transportation system.

This report or “toolkit” provides profiles of policies that increase transportation choice, reduce automobile trips, and decrease energy consumption, and can be implemented at the local level. The toolkit provides guidance for local and regional officials involved in land use and transportation planning in addition to state transportation and utility offices that work regularly on transportation efficiency programs. Each policy write-up includes a brief description of the policy, an outline of relevant stakeholders, anticipated costs and benefits, and a case study that exemplifies best practice for project implementation and design. Policies included in this toolkit demonstrate a high potential on their own or in combination with other policies to reduce transportation-related energy consumption at the municipal level.

Research Report

Improving Travel Efficiency at the Local Level

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Shruti Vaidyanathan
Transportation Program Director
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