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Toward More Equitable Energy Efficiency Programs for Underserved Households

May 23, 2023
Energy Efficiency Research

Despite decades of growth in energy efficiency program availability for residential utility customers, some types of customers and communities remain underserved, including those who are low and moderate income (LMI), renters, Black, Latino/a, rural, tribal, and non-English speakers. This inequity results in some customers being unable to take advantage of program services and incentives to reap the multiple benefits of improved energy efficiency. This report examines emerging program approaches that utilities and other program administrators can use to help overcome these barriers and thus better serve previously underserved customers. Such approaches include engagement with community-based organizations, expansion of existing programs to be more comprehensive, and offering more flexible shopping and purchase options.

Research Report

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Jennifer Amann
Jennifer Amann
Senior Fellow, Buildings Program
Carolin Tolentino
Research Analyst, Buildings Program
Dan York
Senior Fellow, Utilities and Local Policy
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