Research Report

Remote Home Energy Assessments

December 13, 2021

This report investigates the potential of remote home energy assessments, which gained popularity during the pandemic but will continue to be a useful tool going forward. Using data sources from multiple stakeholders, our own independent survey comparing in-person and remote assessment recipients, and direct observations of remote assessments, we examined the effectiveness of remote assessments and how they can be improved. We find that remote assessments are not only necessary to expand the reach of energy efficiency, they are also effective, useful for encouraging energy upgrades, and liked by customers. They are an excellent option for utilities to provide alongside (or in addition to) in-person assessments, especially for certain demographic groups such as young and tech-savvy customers. We conclude with tips (in the report and summarized in a supplementary tips sheet) on how to use behavioral science to increase the likelihood of conversion following a remote assessment.

Research Report

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Suggested Citation
Cooper, E., R. Sussman, and B. Rosenberg. 2021. Remote Home Energy Assessments. Washington, DC: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.



Emma Cooper
Emma Cooper, Senior Research Analyst, Human Behavior and State Policy
Reuven Sussman
Director; Behavior, Health and Human Dimensions Program
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