Reuven Sussman

Director, Behavior & Human Dimensions Program

Dr. Sussman conducts research on energy efficiency behavior change and co-chairs the annual conference on Behavior, Energy and Climate Change (BECC). He has authored numerous academic papers and book chapters on the psychology of climate change, behavioral interventions to encourage energy efficiency, and the psychological determinants of pro-environmental behavior. Reuven is an advisor for organizations, including the G20, that implement energy efficiency behavior change programs, and an expert reviewer for academic journals and large-scale grant opportunities. He is the winner of the 2019 Early Career Award from the Environmental, Population and Conservation Psychology division of the American Psychological Association, and he currently sits on the editorial boards of the Journal of Environmental Psychology and the Journal of Social Psychology. Prior to joining ACEEE in 2016, Reuven was a behavior change consultant, adjunct professor, and researcher at the University of Victoria, where he earned a doctor of science in social and environmental psychology.


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