How It Works

September 14, 2022

Residential Retrofits for Energy Equity (R2E2) provides collaborative teams made up of state and local governments, community-based organizations, and other housing and energy stakeholders with comprehensive training and technical assistance to craft innovative strategies to scale up building energy retrofits. R2E2 offers guidance on energy upgrade financing models, economic inclusion, and navigating the complexities of the affordable housing sector. Community-based organizations play a leading role in ensuring that proposals reflect the needs of their communities. The energy upgrade plans will leverage funding and financing from sources such as existing state programs, utility incentives, federal programs, and private sources. The initiative seeks to spur retrofits beginning in 2024.

The aim of R2E2 is to drive policy and program innovation, with government and community groups building long-term relationships and capacity to accelerate community-driven policies for home energy upgrades that achieve climate, economic development, and racial equity goals. Solutions are geared toward public housing, privately-owned subsidized housing with affordability requirements, and unsubsidized housing serving low-to-moderate income renters.


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