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ACEEE Scorecard Equity Metrics Implementation Strategies

June 27, 2022

These three strategy documents describe how ACEEE’s state, utility, and city scorecard teams are implementing recommendations from our Leading with Equity Initiative. The initiative aims to ensure that community-based organizations and the needs of disinvested communities drive the development of improved equity-centered metrics in the scorecards. To this end, ACEEE has hosted workshops since early 2021 with community-based organizations, advocates, and utilities to identify and prioritize equity-focused metrics. These strategy documents share our plans and timelines for incorporating workshop participants’ recommendations into each scorecard.

The utility scorecard strategy document was updated on March 1, 2023, to share details on proposed metrics and reflect feedback we have received from community-based partners as our 2023 Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard planning and research has progressed.


Utility Scorecard Equity Metrics

State Scorecard Equity Metrics

City Scorecard Equity Metrics

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