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Projects for your pipeline: conferences and deal sourcing don’t have to be mutually exclusive

May 21, 2015

In just a week and a half, ACEEE will be hosting its annual Energy Efficiency Finance Forum. There’s been a running joke in the energy efficiency financing industry for the past couple of years about the large ratio of conferences to deals. Maybe there's something to that, but over the past couple of months we've seen major shifts and increased activity throughout the marketplace that indicate a sea change may be in the offing. This makes us wonder, do conferences and deals have to be mutually exclusive?

The theme for our conference this year is A Critical Moment, and we'd like to seize this moment by seeing if we can bring some real business to the table. While we've suspected that all the networking that goes on at the Finance Forum has led to transactions and investments, we thought we’d try a little more direct matchmaking this year by formally introducing some great projects and programs to potential financiers.

That's why we're partnering with the Council for Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) to feature the CDFA Deal Room. This venue is the go-to place where investors and financiers can meet up with energy projects that are looking for financial backing. The Deal Room is open during the entire Finance Forum, with each of its 10 featured projects available for a full day, as well as projects being formally presented one at a time. Many of our presenters are bringing multiple projects to the table.

The full list of projects is available on the conference website. They're diverse in both their vision and their asks. For example, Treehouse Brokerage & Development is seeking $4.5 million for a zero-energy community at Sustainability Park (S*PARK) in Denver. NYCEEC is looking for investors for a $25 million secured credit facility. Modula S would like to find equity/project finance for a $55 million multifamily housing project featuring innovative modular construction.

And there's more! New World Connection needs help purchasing solar panels and electronics, install, and test charging stations in the amount of $20,000–$100,000. Green Cooling Tower Solutions is looking for $5–$50 million to perform cooling tower upgrades, convert traditional once-through cooling systems to closed-loop systems, and use salt water makeup for places like California. The Vermont Energy Investment Corporation would like $100,000 in seed capital. Their project combines net-zero modular homes and grid-interactive electric vehicles that can recharge from and supply power to the homes to reduce energy and build wealth for low-income homeowners.

Don’t miss your chance to meet these project owners and network with the speakers featured in our conference program. The Energy Efficiency Finance Forum takes place May 31–June 2 at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco. Register online by May 26 for expedited check-in, or register on-site in San Francisco. If you’d like an introduction to energy efficiency finance, consider attending Energy Efficiency Financing 101, taught by The Cadmus Group, Inc. See you there!

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