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Coming Soon: 2020 Utility Scorecard to Reveal the Leaders of Energy Efficiency

February 13, 2020

Get the popcorn ready! In ACEEE’s 2020 Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard, coming next week, we put on our Harry Potter Sorting Hat to assess the 52 largest US electric utilities and reveal their energy-saving strengths and weaknesses. Which of the four houses at Hogwarts, the wizarding school in Harry’s universe, will each belong to?

Webinar: The 2020 Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard: Which Utilities Lead and How?

ACEEE’s Sorting Hat considers 20 metrics across three categories (program performance, offerings, and policies), giving each utility a chance to show its true colors. We know that utilities differ in their market structure, customer base, and history of delivering energy efficiency, but we see opportunities for each to succeed regardless of the Harry Potter house they might have an affinity for:

The Ravenclaws, with their strong intelligence and wit, would likely score well in quantitative energy efficiency performance. They would likely win points with high net energy savings, spending on efficiency, and peak demand reduction.

The Gryffindors bravely forge ahead in efficiency innovation. Utilities sorted into Gryffindor would excel in piloting and promoting new and emerging program areas and technologies for energy efficiency.

The Hufflepuffs, ever loyal and rule-followers, would score well in policy areas. These utilities set themselves up for strong energy savings with rate structures and business models that promote energy efficiency.

The Slytherins, known for their ambition, would perform well in future-oriented metrics such as resource planning, promoting electric vehicles, and setting ambitious energy savings targets for the future.

So which categories will your utility score well in? And which utilities will be most improved since our previous rankings in 2017? We tip our hat next Thursday, February 20, with the second edition and webinar discussion of our Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard.

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