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Research Report A951 - January 1, 1995
This report reviews the status of the federal appliance and equipment efficiency standards and summarizes the benefits of the standards for consumers and the nation.
Research Report A952 - January 1, 1995
This report addresses the variety of issues surrounding energy code compliance. Included are, a review of current literature, a discussion of the technical, financial and procedural issues related to code adoption, compliance and enforcement and strategies for overcoming these barriers.
Research Report E951 - January 1, 1995
This report examines energy intensity trends in California during 1978-91 in detail, including an assessment of efficiency improvements and structural changes in each sector of the state economy. A comparison of California and nationwide trends is provided as well. Prepared for the California...
Research Report ED951 - January 1, 1995
This report analyzes the potential for energy efficiency improvements and the corresponding economic impacts in a four-state region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.) It finds that widespread efficiency improvements could cut energy use 26% and lead to a net increase of 205,000 jobs in the...
Research Report I951 - January 1, 1995
China is rapidly becoming the largest producer of appliances in the world. This report focuses on the three types of major home appliances that are sold extensively in china — refrigerators, clothes washers and room air-conditioners. Prepared for the International Appliance Technical...
Research Report IE951 - January 1, 1995
Utility-industry partnerships’ experience with DSM programs is examined in this report. It discusses the importance of these programs in a restructured utility environment and suggests new program design approaches.
Research Report IE952 - January 1, 1995
This report reviews how electricity is used to drive motor systems in manufacturing. Technical areas for elimination of motor system waste and improvement of energy efficiency are identified. The potential for motor-system, energy-efficiency improvements is estimated.
Research Report T951 - January 1, 1995
This report provides projections of the reductions in gasoline use, greenhouse gas emissions, and hydrocarbon emissions over a 2000 - 2010 time frame that would be achievable through strengthened fuel economy regulation. The sensitivity of the projections to various factors are examined and...
Research Report T952 - January 1, 1995
This study introduces a proposed program involving coordinated public and private procurement and market incentives to accelerate the commercialization of next-generation cars and light trucks. The status of policies affecting the market for vehicle fuel use is reviewed, and the need for...
Research Report T953 - January 1, 1995
Presents a pathbreaking study that enhances our collective understanding of why actual automotive emissions (of the criteria pollutants CO, HC, and NOx) greatly exceed the values expected from tighter tailpipe standards. The authors’ extensive data analysis reveals key reasons for high...

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