Smart Manufacturing


Smart manufacturing is the use of sensors, automated controls, data management, process simulation, information networks, and data analytics to monitor energy consumption in manufacturing settings. Its ultimate goal is to optimize industrial systems to achieve the greatest efficiency and productivity, improve competitiveness and resilience, and reduce industry’s impacts on the environment. Systems optimization shifts the focus of energy efficiency from an individual device to a process line, manufacturing plant, corporation, or even an entire supply chain. In addition, the collection and analysis of more data can help identify untapped opportunities.

Improvements in smart manufacturing have accounted for the largest gains in industrial energy efficiency in recent years, and ACEEE anticipates that future improvements will have an equally powerful impact. Because the industrial sector accounts for over a quarter of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, improving its efficiency is vital to meeting our climate goals.

ACEEE promotes energy efficiency in the manufacturing sector through its technical, market, and policy analyses, and through its engagement with industry stakeholders and policymakers to promote policies, programs, and adoption across supply chains. We work with lawmakers, trade associations, businesses, research institutes, and utilities to enhance industrial programs, performance standards, and workforce development.

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