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Measuring Three Rs of Electric Energy Efficiency: Risk, Reliability, and Resilience

February 6, 2020

Two trends are creating new challenges for grid operators: increasingly frequent catastrophic weather events that cause power outages and the growing prevalence of variable distributed energy resources (DERs) like residential solar photovoltaic systems. These trends add to the risk inherent in grid operations and finances, affect the reliability of the system, and test its resilience or ability to recover from outages. Energy efficiency programs address these three Rs in a variety of ways, and utilities can find it challenging to take them into account in their cost-effectivenesss tests. Drawing on several state case studies, this brief presents lessons and replicable practices for stakeholders looking to quantify risk, reliability, and resilience, the three Rs that are critical to grid performance.

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relf grace
Grace Relf
Senior Research Analyst, Energy Policy
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Alexander Jarrah
Senior Research Analyst, Local Policy
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