Local Government-Utility Partnership Strategies

January 1, 2015

Local governments can engage with utilities to improve and expand the delivery of energy efficiency programs to their residents and businesses. Local government-utility partnerships are a win-win strategy for everyone involved. Utilities can provide extra resources to help local governments meet their energy savings goals, while governments can help their utilities reach more customers through their energy efficiency programs. Additionally, residents and businesses in the community use less energy and save money.

Many communities are interested in working with utilities to deliver energy efficiency programs, however those served by investor-owned utilities can have difficulty influencing programs and policies. The Local Government-Utilities Partnership Strategies describe several ways local governments can work with utilities to expand or improve energy efficiency in their community.

Each webpage focuses on a different strategy that can be adapted to meet the specific needs of a community. They also display the mutual benefits of energy efficiency partnerships that both cities and utilities experience. Using these resources, policymakers and other local stakeholders are better equipped to build the policies that their communities need to become more energy efficient.

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