Research Report

2023 Transportation Electrification Scorecard

June 28, 2023

The ACEEE State Transportation Electrification Scorecard evaluates the progress that states are making to electrify transportation and thus reduce transportation-related carbon emissions. Specifically, the Scorecard ranks states on their policies to scale up deployment of light-duty and heavy-duty electric vehicles (EVs) and on their progress building the necessary charging infrastructure for personal, commercial, fleet, and public-transit EVs. Based on centralized data sources, original research, and input from experts, we scored states across five categories: EV and EV charging infrastructure planning and goal setting, incentives for EV deployment, transportation system efficiency, electricity grid optimization, and transportation electrification outcomes. Top finishers include California; New York; Colorado; Massachusetts; Vermont; Washington State; New Jersey; Washington, DC; Oregon; and Maryland. The Scorecard includes policy recommendations that all states can use to advance transportation electrification.

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