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Utility Transportation Electrification Planning – Emerging Practices to Support EV Deployment

September 6, 2022

Millions of electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to hit the road over the next decade, a transformation that will require extensive planning and billions of dollars of investment by electric utilities. Some states are requiring utilities to submit comprehensive plans detailing preparations for and impacts of the EV transition. We reviewed the plans of 11 utilities from around the country and assessed them on the following criteria: coverage of vehicle types and overall program scope; rates and managed charging; incentives; equity; education and marketing; metrics and progress reporting; and system planning.

We found a number of emerging trends, including a greater focus on make-ready investments and level-2 infrastructure than on other types of investments. Several utilities are planning time-of-use rates. There are plans for education programs and fleet advisory services (where fleet operators looking to electrify get technical assistance) as well as a focus on equity. We recommend that planning processes (1) be transparent and consistent to allow for stakeholder feedback, (2) focus on a wide range of transportation use cases, and (3) incorporate equity.

Research Report

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Huether, P., C. Cohn, and B. Jennings. 2022. Utility Transportation Electrification Planning—Emerging Practices to Support EV Deployment. Washington, DC: ACEEE.

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Peter Huether
Senior Research Associate for Transportation
Charlotte Cohn
Ben Jennings
Research Assistant, Transportation Program
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