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Electrifying Trucks: From Delivery Vans to Buses to 18-Wheelers

June 10, 2021
Energy Efficiency Research

Electrification of trucks and buses can bring many benefits, including lower energy use, emissions, and operating costs (e.g., fuel and maintenance). However, compared to conventional trucks, these vehicles currently cost more up front, often have reduced range, and must depend on limited charging infrastructure. Efforts to address these limitations are making substantial progress, and leading experts expect electric trucks to be widespread by 2040. This paper updates an earlier paper by the same title, summarizing the current state of play on such issues as electric truck benefits and challenges, current and imminent models, charging, electric rates, and policies to promote electric trucks.

Research Report

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Nadel, S., and P. Huether. 2021. Electrifying Trucks: From Delivery Vans to Buses to 18- Wheelers. Washington, DC: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.


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