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ACEEE State Transportation Electrification Scorecard

February 3, 2021
Energy Efficiency Research

The ACEEE State Transportation Electrification Scorecard evaluates the progress that states are making to electrify transportation and thus reduce transportation-related GHG emissions. Specifically, the Scorecard ranks states on their policies to scale up deployment of light-duty and heavy-duty electric vehicles (EVs) and on their progress building the necessary charging infrastructure for personal, commercial, fleet, and public transit EVs. Based on centralized data sources, original research, and input from experts, we scored states across six categories: EV and EV charging infrastructure planning and goal setting, incentives for EV deployment, transportation system efficiency, electricity grid optimization, EV equity, and transportation electrification outcomes. Top finishers include California; New York; Washington, DC; Maryland; Massachusetts; Washington State; Vermont; Colorado; Oregon; and New Jersey. The Scorecard includes policy recommendations that all states can use to advance transportation electrification.

Research Report

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Executive Summary National Fact Sheet  

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Howard, B., S. Vaidyanathan, C. Cohn, N. Henner, and B. Jennings. 2021. The State Transportation Electrification Scorecard. Washington, DC: ACEEE.


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Bryan Howard
State Policy Program Director
Shruti Vaidyanathan
Transportation Program Director
Charlotte Cohn
nick henner
Nick Henner
Policy Analyst, Clean Energy Finance
Ben Jennings
Research Assistant, Transportation Program
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