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Beneficial Electrification in Industry

July 9, 2020
Energy Efficiency Research

Beneficial electrification stands out as a top low-carbon solution for industrial decarbonization and should be the foundation of our energy supply as low-carbon generation rapidly increases. There are multiple routes to beneficial electrification in industry, including immediately available cross-cutting opportunities (e.g., low- to mid-temperature process heat, machine drives, and intermittent fuel switching) and opportunities still in development, such as high-temperature process heat. Sectors such as specialized materials production, heating/drying, surface curing, and melting are already using electric technologies, and more transformative processes are being developed (e.g., in chemicals, iron and steel). To lower the hurdles facing beneficial electrification, stakeholders should prioritize energy efficiency, highlight the nonenergy benefits of beneficial electrification, implement supportive policies, and form partnerships that actively address challenges and spur adoption of electric technologies.

Research Report

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