Research Report

Intelligent Efficiency Technology and Market Assessment

April 25, 2017

The adoption of intelligent efficiency applications is increasing across multiple sectors of the economy. This report analyzes over two dozen of these applications in the buildings, manufacturing, transportation, and government sectors. We describe the technologies involved, characterize their use, and quantify their deployment. We also look at several enabling and cross-cutting technologies and the use of intelligent efficiency in utility-sector energy efficiency programs. Based on our analysis of multiple quantitative indicators and their linkages, we find that the market acceptance of almost all the applications is increasing, although the location of each application on a standard product adoption curve is less certain. This is an exciting time for intelligent efficiency, and we expect that future work will build on this first attempt to trace its uptake across the economy.

Research Report

Intelligent Efficiency Technology and Market Assessment

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Intelligent Efficiency


Ethan Rogers
Eric Junga
Senior Research Analyst, Transportation
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