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Braiding Energy and Health Funding for In-Home Programs: Federal Funding Opportunities

July 14, 2020
Energy Efficiency Research

By weaving together resources from the health and energy sectors, programs can access increased funding opportunities, expand services, and reach more households; such an integrated approach can yield environmental, economic, and health benefits, particularly for vulnerable communities. This paper identifies 6 sources of health-related federal funding that could be used to support residential energy efficiency programs (via the departments of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Treasury), examples of how each funding source has been used, and details about how to apply for and use this funding. These 6 sources of funding represent $2 billion that could be used to provide weatherization and/or complementary services to households in need. 

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Sara Hayes
Director and In-House Counsel, Health and Environment
Christine Gerbode
Senior Research Analyst, Health and Environment
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