Research Report

The 2013 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard

November 4, 2013
Energy Efficiency Research

Governors, legislators, regulators, and citizens are increasingly recognizing that energy efficiency is a critical state resource. In fact, a great deal of the innovation in policies and programs that promote energy efficiency originates in states across the country. The 2013 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard captures this activity through a comprehensive analysis of state efforts to advance energy efficiency.

In this seventh edition of ACEEEā€™s State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, we rank states on their policy and program efforts, document best practices, and provide recommendations for ways in which states can improve their energy efficiency performance. The State Scorecard serves as a benchmark for state efforts on energy efficiency policies and programs each year, encouraging them to continue strengthening efficiency commitments as a pragmatic and effective strategy for securing environmental benefits and promoting economic growth.

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Research Report

The 2013 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard

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