Research Report

Local Energy Efficiency Policy Calculator (LEEP-C), Version 1.0 BETA

November 22, 2011

This is not the most recent version of LEEP-C. For an up-to-date version, click here.

The ACEEE Local Energy Efficiency Policy Calculator, or LEEP-C (pronounced “leap see”), is intended for use by local policymakers and stakeholders interested in advancing the adoption of energy efficiency in their communities. Currently the tool is capable of analyzing the impacts of a total of seven different policy types from two economic sectors—existing public buildings and existing residential buildings. Based on existing research on the costs and savings from specific policies and user inputs regarding local energy and economic characteristics and level of investment, LEEP-C is able to calculate estimated impacts of specific policy choices on energy savings, cost savings, pollution, jobs, and other outcomes over a time period set by the user. Additionally, the tool allows users to interactively explore the absolute and relative impact of different policies. Finally, the tool allows for the weighting of different policy options based on user inputs regarding community priorities to find those policies that best fit with community goals. While the tool is primarily designed to analyze local policy options, it is also applicable to some issues of interest to state, regional, and national policymakers and stakeholders. 

Download LEEP-C Version 1 (BETA)

Research Report

Local Energy Efficiency Policy Calculator (LEEP-C), Version 1.0 BETA

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