Racial Equity Statement

July 20, 2023

July 17, 2023

ACEEE is deeply committed to advancing racial equity in our work, relationships, and organizational culture. We recognize that longstanding racial disparities are exacerbated by the structure of U.S. energy systems, where communities of color face challenges such as living in older, less energy-efficient housing and limited access to affordable transportation options. These combined burdens force them to allocate a disproportionate share of their income to energy bills, adversely impacting their ability to meet other essential needs. The cumulative effects of racism including in housing, lending, and transportation have further increased vulnerability to health risks and the devastating effects of climate change.

To address these systemic inequities, ACEEE is committed to actively dismantling racism and the dominant white culture within our organization and in U.S. energy systems. We acknowledge the historical lack of racial equity and diversity in ACEEEā€™s leadership. We are dedicated to building an inclusive, racially diverse organization that embraces anti-racist principles and practices. Our approach centers the voices of those most affected, promotes transparency, and reduces hierarchy in decision-making. By focusing on racial equity, we can contribute to a sustainable and just energy system that addresses climate change effectively while ensuring equitable access to resources that support the health, safety, and well-being of all individuals. We know we have much important work ahead. We will share our progress transparently, seek feedback, and continually improve our efforts across all aspects of our work, guided by staff committees and initiatives that prioritize racial equity in our advocacy, conferences, hiring processes, research, and relationships with minority-serving institutions. Initiatives like Leading with Equity, Residential Retrofits for Energy Equity (R2E2), and Energy Equity for Homeowners exemplify our commitment to supporting disinvested communities in project development and outcomes. Together, we can drive meaningful change toward achieving racial equity and creating a more just and equitable energy future.

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