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The Clean Power Plan Will Leave a Lasting Legacy for Energy Efficiency

March 28, 2017

Statement by Maggie Molina, Senior Director of Policy

Today’s executive order to begin a rollback of the Clean Power Plan does not halt the progress states have made in reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Across the country, states are relying on energy efficiency not only to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals but also to help families save money, meet energy demand reliably, create jobs, protect public health, and improve housing and infrastructure resiliency.

The Clean Power Plan created momentum for states to consider low-cost strategies to reduce emissions. It shined a spotlight on energy efficiency as a key compliance strategy to meet most – if not all – of states’ emission reduction goals. And it inspired state air regulators and utility regulators to coordinate in new ways and consider the impacts of energy efficiency programs on reducing emissions.

The Clean Power Plan was designed to reflect a direction in which states were already heading while encouraging them to do even more. Greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector have been steadily declining, and several states have doubled-down on efforts to reduce emissions in recent months. States have made substantial progress on energy efficiency, and cities are also setting aggressive energy efficiency targets often as part of their climate plans. Significant opportunity remains to save energy while avoiding harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

While the Trump administration chooses to move backward, states and local governments can choose to move forward with energy efficiency for its benefits to families, the economy, and the environment.


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