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ACEEE Statement on National Research Council Fuel Economy Study

June 18, 2015

ACEEE executive director Steven Nadel made this statement on the report Cost, Effectiveness and Deployment of Fuel Economy Technologies for Light-Duty Vehicles released today by the National Research Council, the operating arm of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering:

“This study confirms that the ambitious CAFE standards in place to raise the fuel economy of our cars and light trucks in model years 2017 to 2025 are on solid technical ground. It also makes clear that manufacturers are developing multiple technologies beyond those previously anticipated that will help them to meet the 2025 standards, most likely at lower cost.”

ACEEE transportation director Therese Langer was a member of the committee that wrote the report. To read her blog post on the report, “2025 CAFE standards under the microscope,” visit:


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