Pathways for Energy Efficiency in Virginia

June 4, 2021

Scenarios for Virginia Electric and Power Company to Achieve the Virginia Clean Economy Act Energy Efficiency Savings Goals

This report and modeling tool identify energy efficiency program and portfolio pathways by which Virginia Electric and Power Company (Dominion) can meet and exceed its Virginia Clean Economy Act efficiency targets. The tool allows users to model for Dominion a suite of energy efficiency programs similar to those currently implemented by other large utilities. The user manual provides detailed instructions for using the model, and the fact sheet summarizes key findings. Energy Futures Group led the development of these resources, which ACEEE commissioned in partnership with the National Housing Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and the Virginia chapter of the Advanced Energy Economy.


Jim Grevatt and Liz Bourguet, Energy Futures Group

Advised by:

  • Mary Shoemaker and Rachel Gold, ACEEE
  • Lena Lewis, The Nature Conservancy
  • Dana Bartolomei, National Housing Trust
  • Harry Godfrey, Virginia Advanced Energy Economy


June 3, 2021 

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