Energy Equity for Renters Policy Tracker

February 17, 2022

The Energy Equity for Renters Policy Tracker lists which cities, counties, and states have adopted policies and programs to advance both energy efficiency and equity in rental housing as of September 2023. The map captures the following policies:

  • Adopting a renter right of first refusal on property sale
  • Creating a rental energy disclosure policy
  • Promoting existing state and utility efficiency programs to renters and landlords
  • Adopting a rental energy performance standard and assisting affordable housing providers with compliance
  • Designing rental efficiency loan and grant programs with affordability covenants
  • Granting renters the right to make efficiency improvements
  • Instituting limited-scope rental property retrofit requirements
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For the following policies and programs, there are past examples that point towards their effectiveness. However, we could not find information on any active policies. As jurisdictions adopt them, we will add them to the map.

  • Advocating to expand state and utility rental efficiency programs
  • Coupling public housing energy-efficient rehab projects with inclusive workforce development

The above policies and programs align with Housing Is A Human Right’s “3Ps” goals to protect tenants’ right to fair, affordable, healthy, safe, and environmentally sustainable housing; preserve communities and housing as affordable for low-income residents; and/or produce housing that is both affordable for low-income households and environmentally sustainable. For more information, see A New Lease on Energy: Guidance for Improving Rental Housing Efficiency at the Local Level.

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