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2015 Intelligent Efficiency Conference: looking beyond the energy efficiency horizon

October 9, 2015

Intelligent efficiency, a suite of new technologies and approaches, is taking us to a place we have long sought: a future where energy use is optimized automatically. It’s already changing how buildings are managed, organizations are evaluated, and policies are implemented. The disruption is comprehensive across all sectors, but so are the opportunities.

So, if you are seeking insights from people with a view to the future, I invite you to attend our 2015 Intelligent Efficiency Conference. This will be our second Intelligent Efficiency Conference, and it will be held in Boston, December 6-8 at the Westin Waterfront. We are very excited with the agenda we’ve assembled and the speakers recruited. This year’s event will feature experts and thought leaders from the information and communication technology, energy efficiency, utility, building management, and smart city sectors. They will address how intelligent efficiency is going to change the design, management, and evaluation of buildings, communities, and efficiency programs. We will discuss the policy implications of these emergent technologies as well as examine how they can be used in environmental compliance efforts. There will be sessions on customer engagement, program design, and program evaluation, measurement, and verification.

If you’d like to learn more about this conference and intelligent efficiency in general, we are hosting a webinar on October 22nd at 1 pm (EDT). [Edit: The webinar has passed. Click the button below for video.] In the webinar, we will provide an overview of intelligent efficiency and explain how Boston has become a leader in using intelligent efficiency to improve city management and provide new services. These smart-city practices are one of the reasons Boston scored #1 in our 2015 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard, and why we chose the city for the conference.

Our webinar panel is comprised of:

They will join me for an hour-long discussion of intelligent efficiency, smart cities and the 2015 conference, and answering questions you pose.


You can also learn more about intelligent efficiency through our reports. Our first report, A Defining Framework for Intelligent Efficiency, examines the scope and purpose of intelligent efficiency. Our second report, Intelligent Efficiency: Opportunities, Barriers and Solutions, examines the economic benefits in the commercial and manufacturing sectors. Last year, we published the white paper Smart Freight: Applications of Information and Communications Technologies to Freight Systems that examines intelligent efficiency in moving freight, and a research report on how smart manufacturing saves energy: The Energy Savings of Smart Manufacturing.

Hope to see you in Boston!


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