2022 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

August 21 – 26, 2022
    Climate Solutions: Efficiency, Equity, and Decarbonization

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    Asilomar Conference Grounds
    Pacific Grove, CA

    After a successful virtual event, the 2022 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings will return to our usual, beloved location—the gorgeous grounds of Asilomar Conference Grounds near Monterey, California. This 22nd biennial event is more than a conference. It's an experience. Also known as 'summer camp for energy nerds,' it inspires innovative thinking and collaboration.

    co-chairsThis year's theme is urgent: “Climate Solutions: Efficiency, Equity, and Decarbonization.” Buildings, which account for about a third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, will play a critical role in decarbonizing the economy and creating a clean energy future. With smart technologies, programs, policies, and behaviors, this sector can reduce harmful pollution, protect health, and lower utility bills.

    Come join professional from around the world to brainstorm how best to decarbonize buildings, boost their efficiency, and advance equity. With rising energy prices and intensifying climate impacts, we need rapid and robust action. With its formal presentations of 400-plus research papers, informal sessions, and casual setting, the 2022 Summer Study is the ideal forum to take on this challenge.

    Click here to see a list of the organizations that participated in our 2020 virtual event.

    "Not So Big—An Effective Strategy for Solving Today’s Thorniest Issues"
    Sarah Susanka, FAIA 
    Residential architect Sarah Susanka wrote The Not So Big House to explain to people of average means that they didn’t need as much square footage as they believed and could instead live more comfortably in a better, more sustainable, right-sized house. Her book changed the lives and house designs of many, turning the tide from bigger is better to a strategy of quality over quantity. Susanka, also author of The Not So Big Life, will discuss what she has learned not only about home design but also about effective ways to tackle challenging societal issues, such as climate change.
    "One Size Does Not Fit All: Building Decarbonization Strategies"
    Penni McLean-Connor
    Eversource Energy
    Megan Gilman
    Colorado Public Utility
    Snuller Price
    E3 (Energy+Environmental
    "Equity At the Center"
    Secretary Marcia L. Fudge
    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

    HUD's mission is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge will discuss the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to ensuring that equity is central to the shared work of making homes more energy efficient, resilient, and sustainable. Her pre-recorded remarks will be followed by an in-person Q&A with Crystal Bergemann, HUD's senior advisor for climate.



    "The ACEEE Summer Study is the premier industry conference to jumpstart actionable ideas with grounded research and proven replicable programs across the country and the globe." -David Vigliotta, Slipstream

    "The Summer Study was a WEALTH of information and research and ideas from all around the world. Such an amazing opportunity to hear research results from the people doing the work!" - Catherine Ratte Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

    "Great event to learn about the state of energy efficiency and its direction. Networking opportunities are typically excellent." - Santiago Rodriguez-Anderson, SBW Consulting

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    Sponsorship Opportunities

    If your organization would like to learn more about the various sponsorship levels and the associated benefits, please download the sponsorship prospectus and contact Charlie Herron.


    Safety Protocols

    Click here to access the complete Health and Safety Guidance Document.

    Note: To boost safety at this event, attendees will need to wear masks and provide proof of vaccination or take a rapid COVID test upon arrival.

    When you arrive at Asilomar, stop at the Health and Safety check-in desk at the Surf & Sand building. Before receiving conference materials, be prepared to provide the following:

    • Proof of vaccination. All unvaccinated attendees will be required to take a COVID antigen test on site (provided by ACEEE).
    • Attendees are requested to test (e.g. antigen or PCR lab test) no more than 36 hours prior to their arrival at the conference and be prepared to show proof (photo is fine). For anyone unable to provide such proof, we require a self-test be taken on site. Please allow extra time to register if you will have to test on site. 
    • Anyone who tests positive will not be able to attend the conference and a full refund of your registration fee will be made. (Two tests will be provided to confirm.)
    • Attendees must wear masks indoor (unless eating/drinking/presenting). If an attendee does not bring their own mask, ACEEE will be additional masks on hand. We will assess health guidance just before the conference and may recommend masking outdoors at social events where attendees are in close proximity.
    • Attendees experiencing COVID-19 symptoms (as defined here by the CDC) must take a COVID test. If an attendee tests positive twice, the attendee will be asked to leave the conference and will be given a prorated refund.

    Safety measures – It may be a nuisance, but thank you for wearing a mask at all times during the conference whenever indoors (unless you are eating, drinking, or presenting). Wearing a mask protects those in attendance who are vulnerable as well as our loved ones at home who may be compromised.


    Pre-conference registration will close on Sunday, August 14.

    Walk-on registrations will be available.


    Registration is available for on-site attendance or a limited virtual option at the Summer Study.

    Register for on-site attendance here, or for the virtual option here. See what is included in each registration type below in the program information.


    Full-week in-person registrants receive access to all sessions, hospitalities, and the Aquarium event on Wednesday, August 24. Those attending virtually receive access to plenary sessions and ten panel sessions. All attendees receive copies of the proceedings and the attendee list.

    Registration Type
    Early Bird April 12 – June 20 $1,067
    Regular June 21 – July 19 $1,267
    Late July 20 – August 26 $1,467
    One-day April 12 - August 26 $612 plus $337 for add-on day
    Student** April 12 – August 26 $707
    Group April 12 - August 26 $967 - available for 10 or more from same organization (full week only)
    Virtual until August 26 $300








    *Rates include $12 per day facility fee charged by Asilomar.

    **Students must show valid, current student ID to an accredited college/university

    Cancellation Policy:

    • Cancellation of in-person attendance until 8/7 - receive a full refund less the $125 processing fee.
    • Cancellation of in-person attendance after 8/7 - no refunds except case-by-case which encompass medical emergencies. Medical emergency cancellations require either a doctor note, or in the case of COVID, proof of a positive PCR lab test.
    • Cancellation of in-person attendance and switch to virtual attendance - full refund less cost of difference in registration rates plus a $50 processing fee.

    The following are options for getting to Asilomar from three airports in the area:

    1. San Francisco (SFO) – 2 hours north of Asilomar
    2. San Jose (SJC) – 1 hour north of Asilomar 
    3. Monterey (MRY) – 15-20 minutes from Asilomar (limited flight availability)

    Don’t want to rent a car? Schedule your ride from any of these airports on the Monterey Airbus Shuttle.



    On-site lodging is now available for full-week attendees (daily options will open on July 21).  Secure your spot now through this link

    Asilomar is close to full.  If you experience difficulties reserving on-site lodging, please refer to this Off-site Lodging List for other options in the area (some within walking distance). Be sure to acquire your accommodations before registering for Summer Study.

    Three meals per day are included with Asilomar housing beginning with dinner on 8/21 and ending with lunch on 8/26.  Meal tickets will be available to purchase in the Hearst Social Hall (administration desk) for those not staying at Asilomar.  

    Due to Covid, Asilomar requires the following when booking your room: Asilomar will no longer match roommates.  All roommates must request each other on their respective reservation forms in order to be assigned to the same room within 5 business days of each other. If you need to find a roommate, please coordinate through this link.

    (per person rate)

    Sun 8/21

    Mon 8/22

    Tues 8/23

    Wed 8/24

    Thurs 8/25



















    Asilomar charges a $20 processing fee per person
    Cancellations for full refunds must be made before July 31.



    Session Schedules

    Summer Study Buildings

    Panel 1
    Residential Buildings:
    Technologies, Design, Ops, Trends
    Panel 2
    Residential Buildings:
    Programs, Implementation, Evaluation
    Panel 3
    Commercial Buildings:
    Technologies, Design, Ops, Trends
    Panel 4
    Commercial Buildings:
    Programs, Implementation, Evaluation
    Panel 5
    Scaling Whole Building Retrofits
    Panel 6
    Utilities and the Future
    Panel 7
    Market Transformation
    Panel 8
    Capturing Savings Through Behavior
    Panel 9
    Energy Efficiency Policy:
    U.S. and Beyond
    Panel 10
    New Construction:
    From Codes to Net Zero
    Panel 11
    Resilient, Sustainable
    Panel 12
    Smart and Grid-Interactive
    Panel 13
    Energy Efficiency and Equity
    Panel 14
    Poster Presentations


    Virtual Program

    Our limited virtual option includes access to our Summer Study app, which enables networking with all attendees and access to the nearly 500 peer-reviewed papers published for this event. It also enables virtual attendees to watch—live or by recording—all three plenaries and 10 additional sessions, as listed below.

    Virtual registration is $300 and can be made through this link.

    Click here to see the details of the broadcasted panel sessions.  


    Informal Sessions

    Advanced requests for informal sessions are no longer being accepted.

    The advanced deadline has passed to submit a request for an informal session. We will offer opportunities on site for individuals to submit requests on a first-come, first-served basis. If interested in hosting an informal, please stop by the Surf & Sand building for more information. The primary purpose of informal sessions is to allow individuals an open forum to meet and discuss items presented during a formal presentation or to facilitate discussion on other topics of mutual interest to attendees.


    SEM Summit

    Wednesday, August 24, 2022

    1:00 – 4:30 PM, Merrill Hall

    Our 6th annual 2022 SEM Summit is just around the corner and we are excited to see you all in person! This half day event will be jammed packed just enough to dig deep into two hot topics our NASEMC members voted on. First, we'll discuss what evaluators continue to see and are starting to see across numerous SEM programs, which we'll translate into actions to take across our work. Second, we’ll work on how carbon measurement and decarbonization can be integrated into SEM program designs. Our carbon discussion will also help us leap forward our next funded research project as we aim to explore the total impact SEM can have in our carbon free future.

    Registration for the Summit is $150 and can be made through the Summer Study registration link.

    More information about the Summit and sponsorship can be found under the Events tab at

    Panels/Panel Leaders

    Click on the title of each panel for a full description.

    Panel 1: Residential Buildings: Technologies, Design, Operations, and Industry Trends

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.






    Panel 2: Residential Buildings: Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.

    Panel 3: Commercial Buildings: Technologies, Design, Operations, and Industry Trends

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.





    Panel 4: Commercial Buildings: Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.





    Panel 5: Scaling Whole Building Retrofits

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.





    Panel 6: Utilities and the Future

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.





    Panel 7: Market Transformation

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.





    Panel 8: Capturing Savings through Behavior

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.





    Panel 9: Energy Efficiency Policy: U.S. & Beyond

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.





    Panel 10: New Construction: From Codes to Net Zero

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.





    Panel 11: Resilient, Sustainable Communities

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.

    Panel 12: Smart and Grid-Interactive Buildings

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.





    Panel 13: Energy Efficiency and Equity

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.

    Panel 14: Display Presentations

    Click here to view the list of accepted papers for this panel.


    Linda Latham Scholarship


    The scholarship was established in memory of Linda Latham who served as ACEEE’s Chief Operating Officer until her untimely death in September 2011. Linda, who helped found the US government’s ENERGY STAR® program, believed that students bring talent and creativity to the field of energy efficiency especially if we provide a venue to inspire and educate them.

    The “Latham Scholars” chosen for 2022 will gain exposure to new ideas while interacting with energy efficiency experts from around the world at our 2022 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Summer Study attendees will be able to meet these exceptional students throughout the conference as well — a reciprocal opportunity for all!
    The scholars will be recognized during the plenary on Monday, August 22 from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m.


    Linda Latham Scholars

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