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ACEEE's Leading With Equity Initiative: Key Findings and Next Steps

December 9, 2021
Energy Efficiency Research

This white paper highlights the key findings from the first year of ACEEE’s Leading with Equity Initiative, launched in February 2021. Through the initiative, ACEEE held two sets of three workshops with community-based organizations, advocates, and utilities to help define and drive the development of new equity-focused metrics to include in the next editions of ACEEE’s state, utility, and city scorecards. The initiative aims to ensure community-based organizations and disinvested community interests drive the development of improved equity-centered metrics, while also assessing current decisionmaker capacity to report on desired metrics (e.g., data collection and availability). This white paper includes an overview of the initiative process, associated research findings, workshop outcomes, proposed prioritized metrics for upcoming scorecards, and an accountability commitment and next steps.

White Paper

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Drehobl, A. 2021. ACEEE’s Leading with Equity Initiative: Key Findings and Next Steps. Washington, DC: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

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