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Sustaining Utility Natural Gas Efficiency Programs in a Time of Low Gas Prices

October 13, 2020

Although the low natural gas market prices of the last few years have created challenges for gas utility energy efficiency programs, these programs can still be cost-effective. This study examines the current status and future prospects of natural gas utility energy efficiency programs. We conduct a broad review of states’ natural gas efficiency results, as well as a closer examination of 10 leading states. The report cites several major national studies documenting portfolio savings results at a levelized cost of $0.40/therm or less, as well as 8 different state efficiency potential studies showing considerable remaining potential at similar costs. We identify and give examples of states with appropriate cost-effectiveness frameworks for natural gas energy efficiency, and we provide suggestions for program design modifications to help meet the challenges of lower gas prices.

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Kushler, M., and P. Witte. 2020. Sustaining Utility Natural Gas Efficiency Programs in a Time of Low Gas Prices. Washington, DC: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.….


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