BECC Webinar: How to Scale Up Climate Solutions From Tens of Thousands to Millions

July 18, 2019 | 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT

Is policy change the solution to climate change? Speeding up the process of GHG abatement from the current level of about 1% to the 5% needed to reach U.S. goals is arguably the most important challenge of the 21st century. Policy alone is insufficient to meet this challenge. Despite more than a decade of aggressive climate policy, California’s emissions have changed very little relative to the United States overall. Individual and collective behavior must play an important role to scale up needed change. Climate change is the consequence of countless daily decisions by individuals, households, businesses, communities, and governments. What is the potential to scale up adoption of low-carbon technologies and practices at all of these scales? This webinar explained carbon footprints, discussed how they vary over time and space, and provided examples of how to scale up climate solutions to millions of change agents across the United States and the world.

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