Directory of Health & Energy Linked Programs



Extreme Energy Makeover

Each home goes through a building diagnostic and analysis (energy audit), including cost-effective, deep-energy retrofits, maximizing the use of the energy reduction measures and focusing on a whole-house approach. These measures can include weatherization, attic insulation, heat pump water heaters, ENERGY STAR® appliances and whole-house ventilation.


Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) Rural Energy Initiative

The Rural Energy Initiative provides project management assistance on energy-related topics to communities through technical assistance and networking. The Initiative also provides project management assistance for new infrastructure design and construction.​


RENEW Multi-Family

This national program of Emerald Cities Collaborative provides a comprehensive approach to achieving energy and water efficiency savings in multi-family rental housing serving low- and moderate-income residents.  Building efficiency retrofits result in lower operating costs, improved comfort, health, and safety of residents and environmental protection. 

Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade

The homeowner engages with a participating contractor, who will help guide him/her through the Home Upgrade process. Using his/her extensive training in building science and construction, the contractor installs qualifying measures and conducts any required combustion safety testing in the home. Cash-back incentives are available.

Green Assistance Program (GAP)

The Green Assistance Program aims to both increase community involvement in green building design and develop people’s skills in sustainable projects, while promoting ecological and sustainable design and awareness.


Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

This program has developed a comprehensive assessment process that looks at the health and energy status of a home. This assessment is conducted using inspection and education processes together so residents and owners can begin to understand what items in the home may pose potential health hazards or lead to costly energy bills. The Assessment Team installs safety and maintenance kit items.

Fort Collins Healthy Homes

Fort Collins Healthy Homes is a free, indoor air quality program for residents of the City of Fort Collins aimed at improving the air quality of their homes through reducing biological pollutants and chemical contaminants and increasing safety. Many home health and safety issues can be resolved with low- or no-cost solutions.


HomeWise is designed to make it easy for people employed in Fort Collins to learn about and participate in utility efficiency programs, water-saving measures, and other conservation programs offered through the City. This pilot project will also help employees understand how their energy use, water consumption, and transportation choices compare to others, identify their interests, and encourage engagement in City programs.

Aspen Historical Society: Carriage House Retrofit

The Carriage House Retrofit implemented energy efficiency measures in a historic building.


Putting on AIRS Connecticut Department of Public Health | Northeast District DOH | Naugatuck Valley Health District | Milford | Stratford | Ledge Light Health District | Central Connecticut Health District

The Putting on AIRS (Asthma Indoor Risk Strategies) program provides a free in-home environmental assessment and one-on-one asthma education to asthma patients and their families. The program offered in six Connecticut localities.

Stamford’s Breath of Fresh Air program

Breath of Fresh Air Asthma Program is a National Association of County and City Health Officials Best Practice award-winning free program designed to educate families and reduce exposure to asthma triggers in the home.

Connecticut Green Bank (CGB) Multifamily Housing Program

Multifamily property owners want to make green energy upgrades, but the process can often appear complicated and improvements can be challenging to finance. Connecticut Green Bank provides trusted technical assistance and innovative financing solutions for owners of multifamily buildings that make green energy upgrades accessible and affordable.

Eastern Highlands Health District’s Healthy Homes program(s): Connecticut Efficient Healthy Homes Initiative

The Connecticut Efficient Healthy Homes Initiative (CTEHHI) is a statewide, collaborative effort of the United Illuminating (UI) Company, Connecticut Light & Power, the Energy Efficiency Fund, and a network of community partners. The Initiative provides no- and low-cost weatherization, energy efficiency, and health and safety improvements to income eligible residents.

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

[See above]

Middlesex Hospital’s Center for Chronic Case Management: AIR Middlesex-Asthma Management program

AIR Middlesex is a patient care program for people with asthma. This program offers adults:

  • Individual one-on-one assessment
  • Guidance in the use of a peak flow meter to monitor lung capacity
  • Education on using their asthma medication properly.
  • Home assessment to determine environmental triggers.
  • Advice on how to lessen or eliminate asthma triggers.
  • Customized treatment plan and follow up with patient's physician.

Home Energy Solutions - Income Eligible

For families with a combined annual income at or below 60 percent of the state’s median income, Home Energy Solutions offers no-cost energy-saving services. A technician certified by the Building Performance Institute makes energy-saving improvements to reduce drafts and helps residents save on lighting and hot water costs.


ZeMod Delaware

ZeMod provides affordable zero-energy modular homes that meet the highest standards of durability, energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality to Delawareans.


Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

[See above]

ATL EcoDistrict

This program aims to promote sustainability action, encourage energy- and water-use reduction and improved efficiency, promote public transportation alternatives for employees and stakeholders, and many other initiatives to improve the environment in the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport community.

Extreme Energy Make Over

[See above]

Home Works of America & Help My House Pilot Partnership

In this partnership, Home Works of America's adult and youth volunteers address sanitation, health, and safety issues in the homes of co-op members in need. Help My House follows up with its approved contractors who weatherize the homes, resulting in improved comfort, significant energy savings, and a smaller carbon footprint.


Hawaii Energy

Hawaii Energy's mission is to empower island families and businesses to make smarter energy choices to reduce energy consumption, save money, and pursue a 100% clean energy future.


Healthy Homes Des Moines

Healthy Homes Des Moines aims to reduce asthma-related hospital visits by improving the social, economic, and environmental factors that have the greatest impact on respiratory health. Healthy Homes Des Moines strives to take an upstream approach to asthma by improving indoor air quality and promoting preventive self-care through health education.

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

[See above]

Energy Savings Plus Health

Des Moines Public Schools integrates energy efficiency improvements and IAQ protections.


Extreme Energy Make Over​

[See above]

Louisville Cool Roof Rebate Program

The Louisville Metro Office of Sustainability provides rebates to property owners of $1 per square foot of cool roof installed, with a goal of incentivizing at least 100,000 square feet of cool roofs.


Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

[See above]


MEA Combined Heat and Power Grant Program

The MEA CHP grant program provides grants to encourage the implementation of CHP technologies in eligible industrial facilities and critical infrastructure facilities (including healthcare, wastewater treatment, and essential state and local government facilities) and to encourage the implementation of CHP technologies that leverage biogas/biomass as a fuel source in industrial and critical infrastructure facilities.

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

[See above]


One Touch

One Touch is an e-referral program that connects health, energy, and housing home visiting and repair programs to cost-effectively improve health outcomes and reduce home energy use. Government and nonprofit partners that “touch” homes use a common home Check Up tool and e-referral system to identify conditions triggering referrals or changes to the services delivered. As a result, programs build effective coalitions to cost-effectively deliver services and support mutual goals and reduce administrative costs.

Clients, particularly high health care utilizers and energy users, get the help they need.

Mass Save Home Energy Services

Participants receive a custom report that makes it easy for to improve their home’s energy efficiency. Plus, energy-saving products will be installed at no cost as needed, including ENERGY STAR® LED light bulbs, advanced power strips, low-flow showerheads, and faucet aerators. Programmable thermostats or discounted  wireless thermostats may also be installed.


Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

[See above]

Michigan Battle of the Buildings

The Michigan Battle of the Buildings is an awards and recognition program for energy use reduction open to all Michigan area commercial, industrial, and  multi-family buildings. The program is a way to encourage energy-efficient practices in buildings across the state and to instill a spirit of friendly competition among the area’s building owners and operators.


One Touch

[See above]


Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

[See above]

Extreme Energy Make Over

[See above]


Children’s Mercy’s Healthy Home Program

The Healthy Home Program is a partnership among staff, healthcare providers, and participants to help identify and reduce environmental exposures that may cause or worsen respiratory health problems in the home. Healthy Home Assessments include visual assessment, general indoor air quality checkup, moisture assessment, dust and allergens assessment, safety and injury prevention checkup, and assessment of household product use and storage.


One Touch

[See above]

New Jersey

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

A comprehensive program that offers whole-house solutions to reduce both energy costs and carbon footprint and increase the comfort, safety, and durability of the home.

New Jersey Comfort Partners Program

The program partners with residents to help them save energy and money and make their homes healthier and more energy efficient. Certified Building Performance Institute contractors install energy-saving measures in the home to help lower energy bills and teach residents new ways to conserve energy and how to create an Action Plan to support their efforts.

New York

Green and Healthy Homes Initiatives

In the Greater Syracuse area and Staten Island [See above]

Home Energy Affordability Team (HEAT)

Home Energy Affordability Team provides income-qualified National Grid gas customers with a no-cost home energy assessment that may also recommend additional no-cost measures to improve the home’s energy use.

Two Shades of Green (TSG)

Two Shades of Green (TSG) integrates green, healthy, and cost-effective measures into existing affordable housing rehabilitation and property maintenance. To strengthen program delivery, LISC mobilizes a wide range of affordable housing, community health, and energy stakeholders to align resources. 

Bronx Healthy Buildings

This program aims to reduce asthma-related hospital visits and address the social determinants of health through education, organizing, work force development, and building upgrades. Energy audits, building inspections, and tenant organizing identify needed repairs and opportunities for energy efficiency improvements.

Health Overlay to the Integrated Physical Needs Assessment (IPNA)

This tool integrates an evaluation of energy, water, and health needs into a full roof-to-cellar assessment of a property’s physical conditions to ensure that the holistic needs of the property are addressed. The New York City Housing Development Corporation and the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development established a list of qualified providers that owners may use to complete an IPNA.

New York State Weatherization Assistance Program (NYSWAP)

The Weatherization Assistance Program assists income-eligible families and individuals by reducing their heating and cooling costs and addressing health and safety issues in their homes through installation of energy-efficiency measures.

North Carolina

Home Works of America & Help My House Pilot Partnership

[See above]

Extreme Energy Make Over

[See above]


SystemVision builds new homes and offers guarantees for heating and cooling energy use and comfort. It also provides the training and technical support intended to create healthy, safe, durable, comfortable, energy efficient, and affordable homes.



WarmChoice offers free weatherization and safety checks for income-eligible customers.

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

[See above]

Engaging the Community in New Approaches to Healthy Housing

ECNAHH in Cleveland, Ohio, serves one of the poorest cities in the country. It uses prevention-based housing maintenance and targeted home interventions to address substandard, unhealthy, and unsafe housing, which contributes significantly to health conditions such as lead poisoning, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

[See above]

Healthy Homes Incentive Program (HHIP)

The HHIP program works with homeowners to address energy efficiency and home health issues that affect indoor air quality. It has worked with more than 100 homeowners throughout Allegheny county to help decrease CO2 and improve the quality of indoor air. Connects clients to trustworthy contractors and financing.

EnergyFIT Philly

EnergyFIT Philly is dramatically cutting energy costs, increasing durability, and improving health and safety in the homes of high users by repairing, then insulating and weatherizing homes using spray foam, high efficiency equipment, advanced diagnostic techniques, and other innovative treatments.

Philadelphia Energy Campaign

The Campaign will strengthen important public institutions and commercial businesses that are critical to healthy, resilient communities by leveraging investment in energy efficiency and clean energy projects over 10 years in neighborhoods across the city.

Pittsburgh 2030 District

An interdisciplinary private-public-nonprofit collaborative working to create groundbreaking high-performance building districts in downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland seeking to prove that high-performing buildings are the most profitable buildings in Pittsburgh. District partners will develop realistic, measurable, innovative strategies to assist district property owners, managers, and tenants in meeting aggressive goals that keep properties and businesses competitive while operating buildings more efficiently, reducing costs, and reducing the environmental impacts of facility construction, operations, and maintenance.

Grassroots Green Homes

Partners with other nonprofits and organizations to teach people about their homes and how to make them comfortable, how to protect themselves from common hazards like carbon monoxide and lead paint, and to be “energy smarter.”

Rhode Island

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

[See above]


A National Grid Energy Specialist will complete an attic-to-basement evaluation and provide a custom home energy report outlining recommended energy efficiency improvements.

RENEW Multi-Family

[See above]

Rhode Island Income Eligible Multifamily Retrofit

National Grid offers energy efficiency services for multifamily dwellings such as apartment buildings and condominiums. Building owners and property managers can take advantage of programs to weatherize facilities or make other energy-saving improvements. Tenants can ask the landlord or property manager to participate in the program to help lower energy bills.

South Carolina

Extreme Energy Make Over

[See above]

Home Works of America & Help My House Pilot Partnership

[See above]


The Knoxville Extreme Energy Makeover Program

The Knoxville Extreme Energy Makeover (KEEM) is a TVA-funded program to provide energy upgrades for 1,200 homes in Knoxville.

Extreme Energy Make Over

[See above]

Metro Department of General Services' LEED® Building Program

Metro's Department of General Services has an interest in saving energy, reducing waste, and trimming costs. Metro General Services' LEED® Building Program ensures that all new and renovated city buildings over 5,000 ft2 are built to LEED Silver or higher. Since 2007, the Department of General Services (DGS) has designed and constructed 21 LEED buildings: 12 Silver, 8 Gold, and 1 Platinum.


Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

[See above]

Austin Energy Green Building

Austin Energy Green Building (AEGB) encourages Central Texans to design and construct more sustainable homes and buildings. Its mission is to lead the transformation of the building industry to a sustainable future.


Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

[See above]


Rutland Regional Medical Center and NeighborWorks of Western Vermont’s Healthy Homes Initiative

The medical staff identifies patients who could benefit from home repairs because of their specific health concerns. Once a patient has been identified, a NeighborWorks of Western Vermont (NWWVT) staff member arranges a home audit and provides a report that identifies the high-priority items and the associated costs for repairs.

One Touch

[See above]

HEAT Squad

HEAT Squad provides low-cost energy audits for homes and businesses throughout Vermont. Energy audits provide all the information necessary to improve the efficiency of a home or building and help homeowners identify the best renovations to improve efficiency and reduce costs. HEAT Squad also provides home and energy loans and helps identify contractors to complete the work.

Zero Energy Modular Program

Helps mobile home owners secure low-interest financing so they can replace the mobile home with a super-efficient modular home. These structures are designed to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and produce as much electricity as they use, resulting in no energy costs.


Extreme Energy Make Over

[See above]


RENEW Multi-Family

[See above]

West Virginia

Council of the Southern Mountains Weatherization Assistance Program

This program provides permanent solutions to reduce the energy burden on low-income families by installing cost-effective, energy-efficient materials and services. Weatherization technicians use computerized energy audits and advanced diagnostic technologies to determine the most cost-effective measures for each home.

National Programs

The Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

With funding from the NIH, the Lighting Research Center (LRC) is investigating how energy-efficient lighting can benefit the 47 million people worldwide living with Alzheimer's disease.

HomeSelfe RE

A tool for real estate agents to be able to communicate the benefits of energy efficiency and renewables to their clients.

Thermostat Recycling Corporation

The Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) is a non-profit stewardship organization that facilitates and manages the collection and proper disposal of mercury-containing thermostats.

The U.S. Department of Energy's Weatherization Plus Health initiative

A national effort to comprehensively and strategically coordinate resources to  improve  the  energy  efficiency,  health,  and  safety  of  low-income homes. The National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) is implementing the project on behalf of DOE. Weatherization Plus Health will ensure energy efficient and healthy indoor environments by facilitating the  establishment  of  strong,  effective  partnerships  between  DOE's Weatherization  Assistance  Program (WAP) and healthy homes providers.

International Programs

Superior Energy Performance® Certification Program

Superior Energy Performance (SEP) provides guidance, tools, and protocols to drive deeper, more sustained savings from ISO 50001. To become certified, a facility must implement an energy management system that meets the ISO 50001 standard and demonstrate improved energy performance. An independent third party audits each facility to verify achievements and qualify it at the Silver, Gold, or Platinum level, based on energy performance improvement. This certification emphasizes measureable savings through a transparent process.

BCA Back to School Programme

The program is part of Singapore Building and Construction Authority's (BCA) initiative to enhance student engagement and education in environmental sustainability that aims to groom the next generation of the green collar workforce.

Swedish Building Code, BBR

The national building code of Sweden regulates, among other basic requirements, hygiene, health, and environment in and around buildings and limits on annual energy use based on building size. It also includes regulations for fire and other safety issues, as well as accessibility and protection against noise.

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