Research and Development (R&D)


A diverse set of institutions, including federal and state governments, universities, and utilities, fund and implement research, development, and deployment (RD&D) programs to promote energy-saving technologies in the U.S. industrial sector. These programs help overcome market failures preventing businesses from making the needed investments themselves, such as risk, long deployment time frames, and capital constraints, while providing businesses with a nonproprietary knowledge base and specialized resources. The RD&D pathways employed to decarbonize a particular industrial subsector can have a ripple effect by reducing emissions, costs, materials, and peak energy demand in multiple sectors. ACEEE has a long history of identifying priority technology areas, conceptualizing program designs, and developing creative policy solutions to advance industrial RD&D.


  • Energy efficiency programs at the Department of Energy, spearheaded through the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and the Advanced Manufacturing Office, make RD&D investments and provide critical information on RD&D projects, consortia, and technical partnerships.
  • Manufacturing USA is a national network created to secure U.S. global leadership in advanced manufacturing through large scale public-private collaboration on technology, supply chain, and workforce development.
  • National labs are another essential resource that advances RD&D of critical technologies.
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