State Energy Planning / State-Led Energy Efficiency Initiatives

February 28, 2015

State governments play a major role in the development and implementation of energy efficiency policies and programs. When confronted by opposition or a lack of understanding of the benefits of energy efficiency, state governments can address concerns and show initiative by leading policy development and/or incorporating energy efficiency into their own facilities and vehicle fleets. States can use ratepayer funds in addition to leveraging funds allocated by the federal government to administer programs that advance the deployment of energy efficiency in numerous sectors, including residential and commercial buildings, industry and public institutions. States can also take the lead on establishing financial resources for energy efficiency investments through tax breaks, rebates, or creating revolving loan funds, for example.

State governments can have an invaluable influence on the deployment of energy efficiency in all states regardless of the relative experience and support for energy efficiency in their communities. Our Toolkit topics below highlight the myriad ways that state governments can become involved with energy efficiency, both as leaders and facilitators. 


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