Research Report

Building Decarbonization Solutions for the Affordable Housing Sector

April 18, 2022

This report describes the benefits, barriers, and strategies for decarbonizing buildings in the affordable housing sector. It identifies and describes selected decarbonization programs serving affordable housing markets. The focus is on program approaches that pair electrification and energy efficiency to reduce cost of living and carbon emissions. Efforts to achieve decarbonization of affordable housing are at early stages of development and implementation. A push for more coordination and flexibility in taking advantage of and combining different programs and incentives is necessary for addressing housing affordability and decarbonization at the same time. Decarbonizing affordable housing is challenging and requires some new approaches, but meeting these challenges is essential to ensure that the clean energy transformation underway will also be equitable.

Research Report

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York, D., C. Cohn, D. Morales, and C. Tolentino. 2022. Building Decarbonization Solutions for the Affordable Housing Sector. Washington, DC: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy


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