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National Survey of State Policies and Practices for Energy Efficiency Program Evaluation

October 15, 2020
Energy Efficiency Research

Program evaluation plays an essential role in assessing the impacts of utility energy efficiency programs and improving their performance. This report presents results from a national survey of state policies and practices for evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V). In this second national survey (the first was conducted in 2012), we find that evaluation policies and practices continue to vary widely from state to state, although many of the underlying methodological foundations of EM&V are common among states. Program evaluation is fundamental for assessing cost effectiveness and achievement of program goals, which are broadening in many states to include carbon emissions reduction, improved health, energy equity, and other nonenergy benefits. To meet these challenges, today’s evaluators have a larger and more diverse set of tools, techniques, and resources than was available eight years ago.

Research Report

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York, D., C. Cohn, and M. Kushler. 2020. National Survey of State Policies and Practices for Energy Efficiency Program Evaluation. Washington, DC: American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.


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Dan York
Senior Fellow, Utilities and Local Policy
Charlotte Cohn
martin kushler
Martin Kushler
Senior Fellow
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