Research Report

The 2016 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard

July 19, 2016
Energy Efficiency Research

The 2016 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard examines the energy efficiency policies and performance of 23 of the world’s top energy-consuming countries. Together these nations represent 75% of all the energy consumed on the planet and in 2013 accounted for over 80% of the world’s gross domestic product. We used 35 metrics to evaluate each country’s national commitment to energy efficiency as well as its efficiency policies and performance in the buildings, industry, and transportation sectors.

Germany claimed the top spot in our rankings this year with a score of 73.5 out of 100, while Italy and Japan tied for second place with a score of 68.5. The average score was 51 points.

All the countries we evaluated have substantial opportunities to improve their energy efficiency. Low-scoring developing countries have great potential to build energy efficiency into their continued economic growth. Their more developed counterparts could lead by example and implement ambitious policies that will further reduce energy consumption.

Research Report

The 2016 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard

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