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ACEEE International Scorecard Self-Scoring Tool

June 3, 2013
Energy Efficiency Research

The ACEEE International Scorecard Self-Scoring Tool is an analytic tool that helps users develop a high-level snapshot of the overall energy efficiency of a nation, state, or province. The tool is based on the 2012 ACEEE International Energy Efficiency Scorecard, which analyzed and ranked 12 of the world’s largest economies on their overall energy efficiency. This tool allows users to perform similar analyses on countries of their choice and compare those results with the 12 economies analyzed by ACEEE. This tool is unique in that in addition to compiling key information specifically addressing the energy efficiency of a country, it provides complementary resources and analysis highlighting best practices and opportunities to improve while providing a benchmark with which a country’s progress toward improving its energy efficiency can be compared.

Download the Self-Scoring Tool (XLSX File)

Research Report

ACEEE International Scorecard Self-Scoring Tool

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