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ACEEE Congratulates Founder Art Rosenfeld on Receiving the 2016 Tang Prize for Sustainable Development

June 24, 2016

Art Rosenfeld has been named a 2016 Tang Prize Laureate for Sustainable Development. He is being honored "for his lifelong and pioneering innovations in energy efficiency resulting in immense reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions around the world.” As our founder and mentor, ACEEE is extremely proud of Art and his lifetime commitment to make energy efficiency pivotal in the world’s transition to a sustainable future. Art’s inspiring life story is featured on the Tang Prize website, which also includes a video of the presentation.

The Tang Prize (Chinese: 唐獎) is a set of biennial international awards bestowed in a number of categories by panels of judges convened by Academia Sinica, Taiwan's top research institution. The prize was established by Taiwanese entrepreneur Samuel Yin in December 2012.


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